Thank you for your interest in Tesseract School, and welcome to a unique world of learning. During my 30-plus years as an educator and administrator at independent schools, I have found that education is all about connecting with students. It’s what we mean at Tesseract when we talk about “engaging minds”—giving our students the essential skills, knowledge and perspective to be successful in college, and in life.

In making this all-important connection, we understand that if our students see the value and importance of their education, they will take greater ownership of their learning. We give them this vital sense of ownership in three ways: by allowing them to actively experience the process, the rewards and the real joy of learning; by recognizing that students learn differently and develop individually; and by offering an integrated, thematic approach to uncovering and understanding real, meaningful knowledge.

The foundation for our uniquely student-centered education is our curriculum. We focus on core skills—listening, speaking, reading, writing and numeracy, or math. While we recognize that linear and analytical thinking continue to be essential, we also understand that the realities and demands of the 21st century require individuals to be creative, critical thinkers, synthesizers of knowledge and collaborators in all life’s pursuits.

Furthermore, by exposing our students to different cultures and perspectives, we prepare them for the more interdependent, interconnected world of today—and tomorrow.

To strengthen the connection with our students throughout their learning experience at Tesseract, our outstanding educators support each student as a “guide on the side,” rather than an uninvolved, impersonal “sage on the stage.” Instead of strictly regimented, by-the-book teaching that forces every student into a cookie-cutter educational mold, we encourage independent thinking, active inquiry, spirited testing of ideas and thoughts, and boldness of aspirations. At Tesseract, we not only engage minds, we inspire dreams.

While our Web site will provide you with a wealth of information about our mission, core values and programs, I encourage you to schedule a school tour so you can experience the energy and excitement of curious, engaged students guided by exceptional, committed educators on both our lower school campus and our middle and high school campus.

Thank you for taking a closer look at our extraordinary school. We look forward to sharing Tesseract with you.

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