What makes Tesseract different?

Tesseract begins at age Two in our Early Childhood program and continues through 8th Grade. Children are at the heart of learning, where they collaborate, investigate and explore.

Tesseract School closing Phoenix campus, dropping high school

Academic Excellence

Both our innovative academic environment and our low student-to-teacher ratio challenge students to fully explore their passions and interests. We believe that students should have a high level of preparation in humanities, mathematics, science, technology and a second language. We emphasize the importance of visual and performing arts, athletics, cultural literacy and social commitment. Our integrated, experience-based multi-sensory learning environment stimulates students to engage as interested, curious learners.

Respect for the Individual

We recognize that each student is unique. We believe that the greatest intellectual and emotional growth occurs when students are known by their teachers and peers, feel appreciated for who they are, believe that their work has significance, and are encouraged to look beyond their current achievements and perspectives.

Importance of Community

By stressing ethical, compassionate and thoughtful behavior, we prepare students to help shape their world and make a difference to those around them. We are a community that encourages cooperation and values diversity. Our administrators and faculty emphasize open dialogue and respectful behavior as they work together with parents to promote each child’s development.

We develop responsible and compassionate citizens and leaders for a sustainable, global society.

Educational Leadership

Our innovative approach to education inspires our students to succeed. We recruit, retain and invest in the finest faculty by providing the best possible environment to spark our educators’ passion for teaching and for developing the love of learning in every child. Our educators are given freedom and support to expand and share their expertise. We fund professional development and provide time weekly for carefully structured faculty educational programs. We promote connections with institutions of higher education, and share our successful philosophy with other schools.

Global Responsibility

At Tesseract, we develop responsible and compassionate citizens and leaders for a sustainable, global society. We encourage students to make decisions that consider the world in which they live and the needs of future generations. Development of individual talents, social responsibility, critical thinking and problem-solving skills allows Tesseract graduates to connect thoughts with actions, deeds with results, and the past to the present and future.

Modern Equipment

We buy modern professional equipment for our school so that lessons can be fun. For example, for the new school year we purchased voice amplifiers (for our teachers, since teachers still wear masks for the safety of themselves and children), VR glasses, 3D printers, and laptops.