Lower School

Lower School

At Tesseract, our lower school encompasses all students, from 3-year-olds in the early childhood education program, through fourth-graders. All of our classes embrace the Tesseract philosophy of small class sizes with a low student to teacher ratio, where students engage in integrated thematic curriculum that promotes understanding over rote memorization.

Interest and curiosity go hand-in-hand with learning at Tesseract School. The students’ motivation and eagerness to learn comes from an intrinsic interest in their world; trying new things, making mistakes and exploring new ideas. Tesseract’s integrated thematic curriculum stimulates the students and easily captures their interest and curiosity by linking curriculum-based concepts and skills to daily life experiences.

At Tesseract, our social curriculum, Responsive Classroom®, is as important as our academic curriculum. Knowing each student individually, culturally and developmentally is just as important as the academics we teach. We foster cognitive growth through social interactions. Our students learn to be cooperative, assertive, responsible, empathetic, and exert self-control – these things are practiced daily in the classrooms and throughout the campus. A sense of membership in the Tesseract community promotes a comfortable and safe environment for our families.

Our Spanish program in the primary grades is very unique. The students begin Spanish class in our early childhood education program at the age of 3 and continue throughout their schooling at Tesseract. The program is thematically integrated into the curriculum, culturally based, and the class meets four times a week. The students are engaged in presenting plays, creating projects, participating in field trips and learning about the culture.

Music, P.E. and art are part of our academic and social curriculum. These specialty classes are integrated into the grade level themes when applicable. The students enjoy expressing themselves through art, music or on the field. Music and P.E. meet three times per week and art meets one to two times per week.

Love of learning, the joy of personal discovery, and academic and social responsibility are hallmarks of our successful learning environment. We provide high levels of input – a profusion of information, experiences and ideas. Through the thematic integrated approach to learning, your child will retain an innate love of learning and continue to be a lifelong learner. The Tesseract way focuses on these fundamentals, building a solid base for your child’s future education.

Please contact us to see how Tesseract School can help you meet the academic and social needs of your child.

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