Early Childhood Program at Tesseract

Early Childhood Program at Tesseract

When you walk into Tesseract School’s Early Childhood classrooms, you feel the energy of young minds at work, eagerly discovering the joy of learning in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Throughout each day the Responsive Classroom approach is incorporated into the curriculum as children greet one another, participate in group activities and make exciting choices in their learning environments in areas that include dramatic play, books, art, writing, blocks, technology, outdoors, sensory table, toys and games, science and discovery, and music and movement, keeping them motivated and engaged.

Jolly Phonics, a multimodal, multisensory phonics program, is also part of Tesseract’s Early Childhood curriculum. The magic of reading, writing and spelling is introduced to our youngest students through Jolly Phonics as students learn the letter-sounds in an enjoyable, interactive manner as they each learn at their own pace.

In addition to Tesseract’s rich curriculum, we also understand the importance of play. It is through play that children develop teamwork, problem solving, self-confidence and creativity, all of which are essential components to the cognitive, social and emotional well-being of children.

With the addition of our new Two’s Program, children can begin discovering and building confidence at an earlier age.

Providing a safe and loving environment for two- to four-year old children encourages them to take more chances and interact collaboratively. Our goal is to create a home away from home where the children feel comfortable learning and making friends while interacting with experienced educators.

Daily experiences incorporate playtime, which is enriched with music, physical education and Spanish, braced by credentialed educators who specialize in a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

Communication with parents about their child’s development and success is essential to our Early Childhood Program. Daily reports are sent to parents highlighting the student’s activities during the day. Parents gain an understanding of their children’s developmentally-appropriate pre-school learning, such as sensory and cognitive skills, through these daily reports.

Tesseract School Early Childhood and Preschool Features:

  • Full day sessions for 2-, 3- and 4-year-olds
  • Small class-sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios
  • Full-time, professional educators

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