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Breaking New Ground Capital Campaign FAQ’s

Why did Tesseract build an expanded new campus and open a high school?

Phoenix is home to 325 public schools in 30 school districts along with more than 400 charter and private schools. In the fifth largest city in the nation, there is currently only one other non-parochial, non-profit, independent school providing an early childhood through grade 12 education. As part of the ongoing strategic planning efforts by the Tesseract School Board of Trustees, Tesseract recognizes that our community demands additional choices for parents and students. As such, the board authorized the building of a second campus on the school’s property at 40th Street and Shea Boulevard in Phoenix, AZ, which allowed Tesseract to expand its exceptional programs to include high school. Offering a Tesseract education from early childhood through high school graduation plays a significant role in the quality of educational opportunities for Tesseract students and our community.

When did the new campus open? How much did it cost? What are its key features?

The new middle and high school campus at 40th Street and Shea Boulevard opened fall 2008 with its inaugural ninth-grade class. In February 2007, the board announced the $9 million campaign goal for the construction of the new campus. The campaign goal is now at $12 million.  Key features of the new campus include classroom space, visual and performing arts classrooms, science labs, a multi-purpose center, a media and resource center and a regulation-size soccer field. Although not included in the Breaking New Ground campaign, the master plan for this campus includes the future addition of a performing arts theater, additional classrooms and other amenities.

What are the benefits to the students?

Expanding capacity was just one component of Tesseract’s strategic vision. Even more important is to be recognized long into the future for creating well-rounded, thoughtful students — students with a strong social conscience and sense of responsibility to self and community. An expanded campus enrolling students
from early childhood through grade 12 plays a significant role in the quality of education for Tesseract students at all grade levels. Tesseract students will have the skills and values necessary to thrive in the 21st century, including teamwork, communication, global thinking, innovation and ethical decision-making, and will be well prepared to accept the challenges of college and beyond.

Are you still taking donations for this building campaign?
How can I support it?

Yes. While the new campus opened in 2008, we are still accepting donations. Capital campaigns are launched for special projects involving new construction or major renovations. The Breaking New Ground campaign gives individuals, families, foundations and businesses an opportunity to make a multi-year pledge to a specific naming opportunity or in general support of the project.

How may gifts and pledges be paid?

Tesseract encourages commitments, confirmed with a letter of intent, which can be paid over three to five years. Gifts may be made in the form of cash or appreciated assets such as securities, real estate, etc. In certain circumstances, gifts of tangible property and certain types of planned gifts may be considered.

Are contributions to the Breaking New Ground Capital Campaign tax deductible?

Yes, Tesseract School is a non-profit organization as provided under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with state and federal tax laws.

What is Arizona tax credit? Can part of my contribution to it be used toward the capital campaign?

The Arizona Tax Credit allows taxpayers to direct a portion of their personal state income tax liability into education. Taxpayers may specify which school they would like to have receive their funds. A married couple filing a joint return may designate up to $1,000 to a specific school per year; a single individual or a head of household may designate up to $500 per year. These funds are used solely for need-based tuition-assistance scholarships and may not be designated for any other purpose.

Is a capital campaign gift above and beyond my other gifts?

This is a unique moment in time in Tesseract’s history— a time that has been decades in the making. The construction of a new school campus benefits our children, our community and maybe someday, our children’s children. Support of the annual fund and/or the ASF tax credit is needed to maintain the wonderful programs and projects for today’s needs, but an extra investment in the Breaking New Ground campaign, paid over several years, is like putting money in the bank. It will pay dividends for years to come.