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Tesseract School History and Mission

Originally founded in 1988, Tesseract School has become an extraordinary non-profit, independent private school that spans two campuses and gives 420 students from pre-school through 12th grade the essential skills, knowledge, and perspective to be successful in college and in life. The opening of the Middle and Upper School campus (Shea) and the founding of the Upper School in the fall of 2008 have raised the profile of the School in the community creating more interest in the Valley (evidenced by 40% increase in enrollment since 2008). The graduation of the School’s first senior class in June 2012 accompanied by the first college placement results, the upcoming celebration of the School’s 25th year and receiving accreditation and membership in the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest have further enhanced the School’s reputation. What is a Tesseract and where does the name derive? By definition, geometric terms interpret a Tesseract as an eight-cell or regular octachronon or cubic prism; it is also the four-dimensional analog of the cube (the Tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square). In 1962, Madeleine L’Engle elaborated on the tesseract in her book,  A Wrinkle in Time  where the main character breaks from conformity. At Tesseract School, students are encouraged to express individualism and, as a student-centered school, our students are empowered and encouraged through respect and positive reinforcement. Tesseract understands that if our students see the value and importance of their education – and are encouraged to explore their interests and passions – they will take greater ownership of their learning. Tesseract recognizes that linear and analytical thinking continue to be essential, but the School also believes the realities and demands of the 21st Century require students to be creative, critical thinkers and communicators who know how to synthesize the knowledge at their fingertips and collaborate with others. Furthermore, by exposing the students to diverse cultures, the digitalization of information, and issues such as social and environmental responsibility, students graduate from Tesseract with a broad understanding of their role in the interdependent, and interconnected local and world community in which they will lead their lives.


Substitute Teaching Positions Available

Job Description: Tesseract School, a premier private school in Paradise Valley, AZ, is now accepting resumes for certified substitute teachers. Qualifications: The ideal candidate will possess an undergraduate degree, have a fingerprint clearance card, a teaching certificate or substitute teaching certificate, CPR certification, have a passion for working with children, be a collaborator and communicate effectively with both parents and children. Please submit a resume to Stacie Dobrichovsky at sdobrichovsky@tesseractschool.org for consideration. No phone calls please!

Recent News

  • Social Entrepreneurship class to be offered in 2015
    Tesseract is partnering with SEED SPOT, a local non-profit that incubates innovative approaches to social issues. Students will design and launch a business that addresses a social issue of their choosing. A goal of the course will be for at least one student-designed business to be launched as a profitable, sustainable enterprise. This class will […]
  • Tesseract welcomes new Trustee, Lars Harrington
    Tesseract took another step forward with the appointment of our newest Trustee, Lars Harrington. Lars brings many unique talents, expertise and perspectives to the School. We immediately were impressed with his incredible devotion to his family and the Tesseract community. Lars grew up in a small seaside town on the south coast of England, Bournemouth […]
  • AZ CAPE Awards: Tesseract wins “Teacher of the Year” and “Best in Show”!
    AZ CAPE Awards: Tesseract wins Teacher of the Year and Best in Show Tesseract School was recognized by Arizona Council for American Private Education (AZCAPE) as “Best in Show,” due to the sheer number of nominations in each of the award categories.  This means that we were singled out among all the private schools in […]
  • Crocodilian Study is Back
    Experiential learning and real-life experience are a big part of what Tesseract offers our students.  So we are pleased to announce that we have renewed our partnership with the Phoenix Herpetological Society.  6th-8th Grade students will have the opportunity to participate in an authentic scientific study.  Some of the activities will include: observing reptiles and […]
  • Tesseract 5th and 6th graders run the town for a day!
    Tesseract 5th and 6th graders participated in BizTown, a chance to learn real world money saving skills through experiential learning. BizTown is a hands-on educational simulation that contains a mini town, including public and private businesses. When students arrived to BizTown, they were put straight to work. They participated in job interviews, learned about their […]

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