Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the primary governing body of Tesseract School, and is comprised of community members and the head of school, who serves as an ex-officio member of the board.

The Board of Trustees exercises general oversight of the management of the business and property of the School.
According to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), election to the Board of Trustees carries with it a responsibility of stewardship. By definition, Trustees are the custodians of the school: They hold “in trust” the mission and the school’s reputation. Current Trustees accept the obligation to not only preserve, but to also add to the enterprise. In purview, Trustees, even those who currently have children in the school, have responsibility to create “their children’s children’s school.” The work of Trustees begins with fiduciary expectations of duty (due diligence on financials), care (executing decision by the standard of a “prudent” person), and obedience (to laws and bylaws). Beyond these duties, the work of Trustees focuses exclusively on policies and strategies that are future-focused, and not on daily operations, which are delegated to the Head of School. Trustees are called upon to contribute their time, thought, and energy, as well as financial resources, to support the viability and growth of the school.
Click here to view the Bylaws of Tesseract School.


Craig Ganz, Chair
Tesseract Parent
Attorney, Ballard Spahr

Les Brun
Tesseract Parent

Josh Hartman
Tesseract Parent
Owner, Healthy Habit Health Foods

John Hatfield
Tesseract Parent
Vice President, Arizona Public Service

Christine Marshall
Tesseract Parent

John D. Musil, Pharm.D., FACA
Tesseract Parent
Founder and Chairman, Avella Specialty Pharmacy

Karen Williamson
Tesseract Parent
Vice President, Fairfield Canoa Ranch

Bruce Werber, Ex-Officio Member
Tesseract Head of School

Access Fronter Secure Trustee Documents here.

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